b. 1986, HK.

Photograph by Darnell Thomas

Callan Jane Ramirez was raised in a turn of the century home, which has shaped her fascination for historic preservation, architecture and of course interior design. If she had to choose the perfect style for a home, it would be mid-century modern, record tables and all. Luckily having artistic parents, she was introduced to the different shapes that design can take, and learned not to limit herself. This even meant delving into the Japanese language for three years. Some of her core beliefs reside in exploring different mediums to integrate into her work. Through Callan’s eyes, everything is a form of design and life would be unbearably dull without it. However, not everything begins on the computer, and some of the best inspiration can come from immensely tactile things. Since fall of 2018, Callan has explored a new realm of graphic design in the film industry. Working on a pilot TV show and an original Netflix film, she has begun to cultivate an eye for the small screen. Callan currently resides in Santa Fe, New Mexico, where she formed her love for the wide-open desert, cacti of all kind and explored the other side of the heritage that fuels her blood.